Baby Bottle Campaign
Baby Shower Collection Drive
Bishop Charles P. Greco Foundation (PDF)
Bishops Program
Camp Joshua
Catholic Youth Leadership Awards
Church Activity (Power Point / 21 MB)
Council Activity (Power Point / 13 MB)
Culture of Life Activity
Essay Contest
Family Activity (Power Point / 14 MB)
Free Throw Championship
Family of the Month / Year
Health & Human Needs
Hymel Memorial Bell Tower
License Plates (Power Point / 5 MB)
Louisiana Open Raffle
Louisiana Life March
Marian Devotion
McGivney Guild (Power Point)
Mental Disability Fund
Promotions / Merchandise
Running of the Silver Rose
Seminary Mission Fund
Soccer Challenge
Special Olympics
Steubenville Youth Conferences
St. Mary's Program
Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest
Tomb of the Unborn
Ultrasound Initiative
Youth Expansion Program


Membership (Power Point / 5 MB)
Round Table (Power Point / 5 MB)
Ethnic Development
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